Eight fun, funky, and fantastic new helmet designs for urban bikers (Slideshow)

Giro Sutton

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Giro has scores of bicycle helmet designs, most of them made for road and racing cyclists, but the new Sutton is specifically designed for urban bikers, with its minimalistic profile and built-in leather visor and a back vent where a rear light can be clipped.

Sutton also has something special under its hood: MIPS helmet technology. Designed by a group of Swedish technicians, MIPS is an inner helmet liner that is made to reduce the effects of rotational (i.e. angled) blows to the head.

Normal helmets are designed to absorb blows straight on, with the EPS (expanded polystyrene) lining absorbing the energy of the impact. But cyclists rarely fall straight. Thus MIPS liners may have some ability to cut down the concussions and injuries caused by angled impacts. Approximate price: $90