8 happy holiday bikes to get your cheer on

Darth Vader caroling with flaming bagpipes in a kilt while riding a unicycle through Portland.

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credit: Unipiper

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The Unipiper's mottos is, "Keep Christmas weird."

And in Portland, Oregon, where bicycling (or in this case, unicycling) and weirdness go together, it's not that strange to see a person dressed as Darth Vader playing flaming bagpipes as he pedals along.

The Unipiper is not strictly Darth obsessed - he'll dress up as any number of alter egos including Gandalf, Jack Sparrow, and Super Mario.

While Brian Kidd, the man behind the Unipiper, can be hired for events, Portlanders can also see the Santa version of the Unipiper nearly every weekday during the holidays, both morning and evening, crossing the city's Burnside Bridge.