10 Wacky Kickstarter Bike 'Innovations' You May Never See

Wingz Lightweight Back Rack Takes Heavy Loads

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credit: Beda Pormentilla

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Many messenger types want their rides to be as lightweight as possible and thus have traditionally eschewed the back or front bike racks that are so handy for commuter types that don't need to go particularly fast when carrying a load.

The Wingz rack attaches at the seat post, and has a unique clamp system that allows the arms of the rack to be adjusted to accommodate different sizes and shapes of loads on a bike.

Wingz is made from anodized aluminum and weighs 17.6 ounces - or just over a pound. Because the 'arms' of the rack can be moved and locked into place, those awkward boxes and strangely shaped loads that might slip and slide on a regular rack settle easily on Wingz. Cording running alongside the the arms can then be used to help secure the load.

Yet while Wingz is a unique design, evidently it's not revolutionary enough to get Kickstarter funding - so inventor Beda Pormentilla is stalled at the testing phase.