10 Wacky Kickstarter Bike 'Innovations' You May Never See

Floaterhoist Saves Space Giving Your Bike a Lift

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credit: Floaterhoist

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Andres Mountain designed a ceiling-mounted bicycle hoist capable of storing a bicycle in a horizontal orientation. Three independently controlled rope and pulley systems attach to three points on a bicycle’s frame. This makes it easier to pull your bike very close to the ceiling, for placement in tight spaces.

What's the advantage? Mountain was dissatisfied with the way current systems took up valuable garage or storage space, Mountain and industrial design partner Kevin Kimberley of DesignUp Inc. worked to make Floaterhoist work with all sizes of bikes of small to large bicycle frames. The three point, sling-like design conforms to the shape of the bicycle’s frame, distributing the load evenly, according to Mountain's campaign.

Perhaps Floaterhoist wasn't the most elegant name for this elegant design - Mountain's campaign came up short. However, Floaterhoist seems to love on - Mountain's web site is advertising the ceiling sling as available for $89.95.