10 Wacky Kickstarter Bike 'Innovations' You May Never See

The Ones That Got Away

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credit: Andrew Smith

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Each of us will remember Kickstarter projects we instantly loved, and maybe even voted for with our dollars. But of course, not all good ideas get enough money to make their goal and thus, the Kickstarter cut.

That means there's now a backlog of bike innovations that will never see the light of day - at least, not with Kickstarter cash. Here's our round-up of some failed campaigns. Click through to discover what a Floaterhoist, a Unatandem, and a GLO rimSkin are - or are supposed to be.

Maybe you'll even receive a flashing Kickstarter inspiration of your own. (The photo above is a kinetic moving sculpture by Andrew Smith - the artist hoped to receive Kickstarter funding to do a new, similar piece.)