10 Great Examples of Winter-Friendly Bike Gear

Rydesafe Reflective Decals

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credit: Rydesafe

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Ready to make your bike your own as well as prep it for dark-night winter riding? All it takes is a couple of packages of Rydesafe reflective decals, your creativity, and of course, adequate bicycle lights.

Rydesafe decals come in seven colors -- they are plotter-cut in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, out of quality, 'engineering-grade conspicuity film' -- conspicuity being another way to say "bright and visible." Tiny glass beads are embedded in the film's plastic. It's the same type of film used on emergency vehicles to make them light-reflective and more visible in the dark.

Rydesafe says the decals are made to last seven years -- a pretty good deal considering how many you get. ($16 for a sheet of 51 decals.)

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