10 Great Examples of Winter-Friendly Bike Gear

Myrrhia Bike Cowls

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credit: Myrrhia

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This Myrrhia Battle cowl in organic merino wool forms a super-soft wind and chill blocker when you are out on the bike.

The yarn for the cowl comes from a Springvale, Maine factory that has been manufacturing yarns since the 1860's, Myrrhia says, and is lovely and soft organic merino.

Though fairly pricy, this cowl might become part of your everyday bike wear. ($75)

The Merino sweater shown here is also available at Myrrhia's Etsy page. Other great Myrrhia accessories perfect for winter cycling include fingerless gloves, lots of different cowl designs, and a knitwear tunic to keep things cozy under your cycling jacket.

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