10 Great Examples of Winter-Friendly Bike Gear

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Bicitoro Recycled Wool Jerseys

Winter biking is all about the right gear. If you can't feel your fingers after the first 5 minutes, then you are doing something wrong. The good news? The practical and high-tech items here can get you ready for a cold winter spin in no time -- whether you are a commuter biker or in year-long training.

And for the biker in your midst..all of these make great holiday gifts.

Case in point, Jessie Kwak of Seattle custom makes these lovely wool bicycle jerseys according to the sweaters she can recycle from local thrift stores and the design ideas she comes up with or gets from her clients.

Bicitoro jerseys are perfect for winter riding. The Merino wool feels good against the skin, is warm when needed but also cooling after exertion. As Kwak puts it on her web site:

"It’s silky smooth against the skin and oh so delicious, plus it wicks moisture without becoming cold and clammy once you get to your destination. Best of all, it’s hardy, and it won’t retain stink like synthetic fibers can."

Kwak welcomes input in the design of your jersey, and keeps an updated list of the colors she has available at her Facebook page.

She has a couple of pre-made jerseys and a selection of bikey crafts at her Etsy page. (Jerseys start at $75)

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