10 Best Bike Innovations From Oregon Manifest 2011

Beebe Tsunehiro Reflector Bike

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Blaq Bags on Beebe Tsunehiro Bike photo
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The blue-gray mixte-frame, leather-trimmed bike by Silas Beebe of ID+ and Rob Tsunehiro for Oregon Manifest is beautiful in its own right.

A few extras aren't apparent on first glance, however. Shine a car light on this baby in the dark and the entire frame is visible, courtesy of Halo Coatings "retro-reflective" powdercoat.

In addition, the (recycled from scrap leather) panniers, designed by Paul Johnson of Blaq bags, have electro-luminescent strips that continually flash for even further visibility.

Panniers and messenger bags with electro-luminescent strips should be available to order by Christmas, Johnson says.

Photo: April Streeter