The #1 factor that has allowed me to live car-free easily and pleasurably for 10 years (Slideshow)

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina

After college, I moved to Chapel Hill, largely because I was sick of the sprawling and ugly "urban" environment of Florida. Also, I absolutely loved the state when I visited it for a summer internship the year before, and I thought I might end up going to graduate school at UNC for city and regional planning (which I did). I lived somewhat on the edge of Chapel Hill, but I was just a block away from a bus stop for a bus that traversed the small city... and was free to use. I actually ended up working at a Whole Foods Market nearby and biked to work most of the time (~10 minutes one way if I remember correctly). Otherwise, I would simply walk or take the bus. Chapel Hill is quite small, and I could also bike to downtown and the university campus, but that required a very long uphill ride and I'm more of a Dutch "take it easy" biker than a "lycra cyclist," so I often just took the bus. (A Trampe Cyclocable would be useful there!) Nonetheless, I did bike into town a fair number of times.

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