15 rare camera-trap photos of extraordinary African animals

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Camera trap photos wildebeest
credit: Will Burrard-Lucas/WWF-US

From hyenas and wildebeests to warthogs and wild dogs, these unique images show the secret lives of Africa's most elusive animals.

What exactly goes on in the wilds of Africa when people aren't around to distract the creatures who inhabit the land? How do the animals behave? What are their relationships like? Where do their migration patterns take them?

And how can scientists obtain this information when their very presence might disrupt the behaviors they're trying to track? The answer of course is the handy-dandy camera trap. These hidden, motion-sensor equipped cameras take photos as passers-by, unbeknownst to them, engage the shutter. And presto, scientists are presented with unique images of shy and otherwise skittish animals doing their incredible animals things, as you can see in the fabulous wildebeest above and more on the following pages.

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