Long Day? This Dog Getting Into His Bed Sums Up the Best Possible Response

Getting through the day can sometimes be a true challenge. Traffic. Pesky coworkers. Ruined lunches. More traffic. By the time you get home, all you want to do it just pull on you pajamas and slide into bed.

Well, on those days, meet your new spirit animal.

This is Mr. Marcel, a French bulldog residing in Canada. He's a fashionable canine who lives with a white cat and two Dobermans (that also double as Mr. Marcel's bodyguards). When he's done strutting his latest duds around town, Mr. Marcel dons his trendiest pajamas and curls up in a fashion-forward and comfy clam-looking doggy bed. From there on, it's nothing but relaxation and sweet dreams.

And now you have something to aspire to. When you get home from a bad day, and you can manage it, put on your favorite pajamas and curl up in your favorite blanket. Channel your inner-Mr. Marcel.