14 Sleepy Baby Animals to Sharpen Your Mind

mother and baby koala cuddling
This baby joey koala sleeps while cuddling with its mother. Kylie Ellway/Shutterstock

Is there anything cuter than a baby animal? Maybe a baby animal sleeping?

Research shows that looking at images of adorable baby animals may make you more productive. Researchers in Japan asked volunteers to perform a task like the game Operation, in which participants pluck out tiny pieces from the body of a patient using tweezers. Before the second round, one group looked at pictures of cute baby animals, another looked at adult animals, and another looked at something non-animal related, such as food. The volunteers who looked at baby animals performed much better the second time around then those in the other groups.

They repeated the experiment with other tasks, and those who got a boost by looking at cute baby critters performed better. The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE.

So consider this a public service announcement. Here are 14 aww-inspiring baby animals sleeping to make you smile ... and improve your work performance.

white baby seal sleeps at the beach
A newborn white baby seal sleeps at the beach. Jenny Sturm/Shutterstock
puppy sleeping on the floor with a toy
Not even a toy can keep this puppy awake. PolinaBright/Shutterstock
rhino calf snuggles with mother
A greater one-horned rhino calf snuggles with his mother at the Wilds conservation center in Ohio. Grahm S. Jones/Columbus Zoo & Aquarium
squirrel monkey baby sleeping on mom
This squirrel monkey baby takes a nap on mom at the Taronga Zoo. Paul Fahy/Taronga Zoo
young ferret babies sleep
Young ferret babies nap in a burlap nest in Switzerland. Tambako the Jaguar/flickr
sleepy kitten takes a cat nap
Even kittens need cat naps. Boonyen/Shutterstock
newborn twin otter pups sleeping
Newborn twin North American river otter pups sleep together at the . Oregon Zoo
baby ducklings sleep in a pile
Baby ducklings sleep in a pile. Suraphong Surachanchai/Shutterstock
baby lamb sleeping
This 5-day-old lamb was snoring while she was sleeping. LadyDragonflyCC - ;/flickr
baby gorilla sleeping with her mom
A baby gorilla holds tightly to her mom as she rests. Tambako the Jaguar/flickr
baby grackle sleeping
A baby grackle rests at a rehab facility after being rescued by a family dog. Audrey/flickr
baby giant anteater sleeping on his mother
A baby giant anteater manages to sleep while riding his mother around Zoo Zurich. Tambako the Jaguar/flickr
baby bunnies sleeping
Teeny baby bunnies slumber in Belgium. Jannes Pockele/flickr