The Slatest in Tiny Houses: A Cabin in Wales by TRIAS


Australian architects master the local climate and materials.

Wonderful little architect-designed cabins are popping up around Wales, part of the Epic Retreats Project, "allowing people to experience the best landscapes and experiences Wales has to offer while staying in one of eight bespoke cabins, designed specifically for the project." Kim has shown us a Digitally fabricated pop-up cabin inspired by legends of King Arthur; here is another, the Slate Cabin, designed by Australian firm TRIAS.

slate cabin

© TRIASThe architects appear to have adapted to the cold wet Welsh climate and local materials, covering the building with used slate tiles and lining it with Baltic birch plywood, and writing:

Slate Cabin is a writer’s retreat perched on the edge of Snowdonia National Park in Mid Wales. The building is set in a lush green valley that is ringed by barren, windswept hills and grazing pastures. In response to this beautiful and yet harsh landscape, the cabin is a reductive black box that is anchored to the ground. It provides protection and respite to visitors who wish to escape the wind, rain and snow.
Slate Cabin Window


When I was in architecture school I was taught that windows are not walls, but should frame a view. So I appreciated their attitude:

Throughout the cabin, openings are carefully considered to capture small vignettes and views. Along one wall, a slot window frames a long, panoramic landscape of mountains and fields. It’s a view best experienced when sitting or lying down. Meanwhile, a continuous lantern of high windows bathe the space in natural light. Glancing up to these windows reveals glimpses of passing clouds, distant hills and spindly, swaying branches.
slate cabin plan


It is a very clever plan, the way the raised bed segues into the dining table and seating at the end. The bathroom design is clever too.

Slate cabin wood stove


I suspect that wood stove will get a lot of use. More photos at TRIAS and Architizer.

slate cabin dining