SLA Puts the Icing on Bjarke's Amager Bakke Cake

©. SLA via Archdaily

The landscape design for the roof of the waste-to-energy plant is a terrific topping.

In my New Year's resolutions post I promised not to write about Bjarke Ingels' projects unless they had been around for a while and stood the test of time, but I have already covered his wild and crazy Amager Bakke Waste to Energy Plant, before it got its rooftop park, and now landscape architects SLA have revealed the final plans. And whatever I think about Bjarke's reinventing the wheel on every project, this building is spectacular.

© SLA via ArchdailyImagine turning what is usually a dreary industrial facility for burning garbage into such amazing public space. In the winter, it is a ski slope; in summer, it is for hiking up to the tallest point in Copenhagen.

View from roof

Lloyd Alter/ View from roof/CC BY 2.0

The views from it are quite spectacular -- wind turbines, water, the bridge to Malmö. SLA tells ArchDaily about the job:

“The project to create an attractive and green activity rooftop park on top of Amager Bakke has been very challenging,” commented SLA partner Rasmus Astrup. “Not only because of the extreme natural – and unnatural – conditions of the site and the rooftop itself, which put severe stress on plants, trees and landscape. But also because we’ve had to ensure that the rooftop’s many activities are realized in an accessible, intuitive and inviting manner. The goal is to ensure that Amager Bakke will become an eventful recreational public space with a strong aesthetic and sensuous city nature that gives value for all Copenhageners -- all year round.”
roof in winter

© SLA via Archdaily

This is not easy to do, building on a sloping roof, exposed to all the wind and weather, on top of an incinerator that can generate significant heat, on a high security institution. Yet it will have "hiking trails, playgrounds, fitness structures, trail running, climbing walls, and of course, incredible views."

plan of garden on roof

© SLA via Archdaily

“The rooftop’s nature is designed to attract and shelter a wide selection of birds, bees, butterflies and insects, which in itself will mean a dramatic increase in the biodiversity of the area. And utilizing natural pollination and seed dispersal will mean that we can spread the rooftop nature to also benefit the adjacent industry area, parking lots and infrastructure. In this way, Amager Bakke will function as a generous ‘green bomb’ that will radically green-up the entire area,” says Rasmus Astrup.
view of building

Lloyd Alter/ chimney putting out pure water vapour and CO2/CC BY 2.0

For all my complaining, this is a pretty spectacular project and SLA is really providing the icing on the cake. I am looking forward to seeing/ skiing/ hiking the finished project.

the view from copenhagen

Lloyd Alter/ the view from Copenhagen/CC BY 2.0