Six Flags Is Going Green

Six Flags is rolling out various types of recycling programs at its many parks. (Photo: Jeff Turner/Flickr)

I love amusement parks, but the thought of a greener amusement park just makes me grin with excitement. Six Flags operates theme parks, water parks and wild animal parks across the United States and in both Canada and Mexico. Today, the company announced its new environmental initiatives.

A pilot program will be initiated at four parks to recycle vegetable oil from the parks’ kitchens for use as fuel in the onsite trains and vehicles. LED lighting, an aggressive recycling program, low-flow plumbing and water saving landscaping products are also part of the company’s new commitment to the environment.

“Six Flags is taking aggressive steps to help protect and preserve the environment for future generations,” said Mark Shapiro, Six Flags president and CEO. “These programs will help safeguard the planet and create lasting partnerships with the communities where we live and work.” Source: Six Flags

Six Flags has partnered with Coca-Cola to place over 3,000 recycling bins on site. The goal is for the products to be upcycled into new products. Upcycling isn’t a new concept and we’ve recently featured several articles about TerraCycle, one company in the upcycling business.

Next time you visit a Six Flags theme park, be on the look out for the recycling bins, the veggie-oil powered vehicles and other eco-friendly measures.