Sing Along to 'Solar Eclipse of the Heart'

It was inevitable that someone or some company would do a riff on Bonnie Tyler's 1983 power ballad "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in anticipation of the Great American Eclipse on Aug. 21.

The glasses and sunglasses designer Warby Parker made one such creation, "Solar Eclipse of the Heart." In it, a professor (wearing a pair of stylish frames, natch) sings about wanting the dark and seeing no light while gazing longingly at a CRT television set (so vintage!). Also, there are two dancers, one dressed as the sun and one dressed as the moon, because you can't do a power ballad without dancers in weird costumes. While the video certainly captures the vibe of the original, complete with gauzy out-of-focus shots and split screens, it still needs ninjas.

The company's headquarters in Nashville is right in the path of totality, so they're understandably excited about the eclipse. If you swing by a Warby Parker store, you can pick up special eclipse glasses for free so you can watch the eclipse without damaging your eyes.