This Nice 1-Minute Video Explains the Difference Between Climate & Weather

climate vs weather
Screen capture. YouTube

YouTube/Screen capture

Weather is not climate. Climate is not weather.

Despite the insistance of some to the contrary (here's looking at you, Fox News), who claim, for instance, that a bout of cold, snowy weather is somehow in direct contradiction to global warming, climate describes the long term trends in temperature, rainfall, wind, etc. Weather is what's happening outside your window.

Or, if that explanation seems too lengthy, there's always this (via Philip Bump):

The climate is a dog-walker. The weather is his less predictable dog. It's about as simple and elegant as a way to describe trend and variation – a la climate and weather – as there is.

Forward this vid to that special person in your life who snorts at any mention of climate change when it happens to be below 75 ̊ outside.