5 Simple Ways to Create a DIY Living Wall

Woman spraying water on her living wall

tomazl / Getty Images

Vibrant living walls are a striking way to infuse a little more green in urban areas, and having your own is easier than you'd think.

No space? No problem. These no-fuss kits will let you customize the size, shape, and greens that you grow indoors or out -- from adding a small on-the-wall bouquet to your living room to creating a detailed portrait from teeny succulents.

1. DIY Living Wall Kits From ELT

ELT started out making living walls for commercial spaces in Mumbai -- but now you can put their expertise to use in your home with the DIY kits.

The super-simple kits come in two sizes, single and double, and mount on an interior wall so you can bring a little bloom to any room in your home.

2. Wally Gardening System From Woolly Pocket

Woolly Pocket's Wally gardening system consists of bright pockets constructed from recycled plastic bottles, with a design that makes them durable, breathable, and soft -- plus they're modular, so you can combine as many as you need for a custom design.

Use one pocket to grow herbs on that small patch of kitchen wall next to your stove, or pair several of the Wally five-pockets for a larger outdoor installation attached to wood, concrete, chain link, or brick surfaces. (Wally pockets, $39-$159)

3. Floraframe Living Wall Kits From Plants on Walls

The Floraframe living wall kits from Plants on Walls combine modern aesthetics with natural blooms.

Kits come in sizes ranging from 32"x51" to 128"x99" and each is comprised of a chic galvanized steel frame that allows the plants to "float" away from the wall while trapping water in a metal channel at the base.

You can rearrange the plants even as they grow, and when it's time to redecorate, you can paint the frame, too. (Floraframe, $528-$2,124)

4. Living Wall Planter From Bright Green

The Bright Green living wall kit is a collection of small planter "cells" that you can hang and rehang to create a personalized piece.

Add water at the top and the moisture mat will distribute it evenly across your blooms -- then add and change the size and shape of your custom planter by season or as your preferences change. (Bright Green, from $40)

5. Handmade Redwood Frames From Succulent Gardens

Succulent Gardens' handmade redwood frames are designed to be the perfect container for petite but hardy succulent plants -- though the firm back and interior mesh also keep your wall garden from getting dirt and water all over your house.

You can buy the frame by itself and choose your own plants, order a kit that just requires assembly, or purchase a pre-planted Living Picture that means the hard work is done for you (the shop also makes round versions, called Living Wreaths, to bring some life to your front door). (Succulent Garden Kits and Living Pictures, $20-$125)