Simple Shower Design With Techy Features Saves Water

shower brake concept image
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Images via Yanko Design

It seems like simply showering as quickly as you can with a low-flow shower head should be enough advice for anyone wanting to cut down on their water consumption in the bathroom. However, admittedly it's tough for some of us to get out of a hot, luxurious shower in the morning. That's why every so often we see designs for conserving water in the shower. Designers Sang-in Lee & Dae hyun Kim have come up with an idea that puts a brake on your shower - it's a simple idea, but they add in a few techy tricks.

shower brake concept image

The design itself is not new or particularly innovative, but the slick look and extra feedback information would make the shower more accepted by consumers should it ever come to market - as is the fact that you can set your own quota. This will help people just getting started on water conservation ease into shorter showers, and possibly even make it a competition with household members on taking greener showers. The Shower Brake puts both a time limit and water limit on a shower, making us aware of how much time we're spending letting water flow down the drain, and making spending "just one more minute...just one more" less likely.