5 Simple, Cost-Saving Ways I Use Coconut Oil in My Beauty Routines

A tablespoon and glass jar full of coconut cooking oil on a wood table.

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I've always loved fresh coconut, from the time I was a kid and my grandma and I would open them on our back deck with a hammer and a screwdriver, to drinking fresh coconut water right from the nut on tropical vacations, to macaroon cookies, I've eaten (and continue to enjoy) the flesh and milk of the palm that drops them on beaches the world over.

But over the last year, I have added coconut oil to my beauty routine, and not only does it smell lovely (it's a lighter scent than you might think), but I now use it for skin, hair and lips. It is the world's greatest beauty multitasker, and unlike cocoa or shea butter, it's a lot easier to work with, and very inexpensive. Coconut oil is not only a great moisturizer, but has anti-aging properties and natural SPF protection (from SPF 4-10).

If you are going to use coconut oil for beauty purposes, it's worth buying a good quality, organic brand. I love that Dr. Bronner's, the soap company, now sells high quality Sri Lankan oil that's not only grown organically, but is fair trade as well. They use it in their body care products, but this is an even higher grade for eating and cooking with.

What do I do with it?

1. Face wash

A white woman applying coconut oil around her eyes in the bathroom.

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For the last six months, I have been using coconut oil to wash my face, and my skin has never been happier. It sounds a little weird to wash with an oil, but it gets off the dirt and makeup on the days I wear it, and makes my skin plump and happy. I used to get random breakouts, especially around my mouth, a couple times a month. Amazingly, I haven't seen one since I started using coconut oil as a face wash.

I just scoop a bit out of the container with my fingers, warm it up a bit between my (clean) fingers and spread it around my face, working it in just as I would a foam cleanser. Then I rinse off with warm water. Some of the oil stays on, but much gets washed off. Pat the face dry and voila! In the summer, I only follow up with a bit of anti-age serum around my eyes, but don't use an additional moisturizer. In the winter, I used a bit more coconut oil, or an anti-aging oil before bed. I know it sounds crazy to use coconut oil to wash, but it works for me — and a good friend of mine has also been doing the same and has similarly happy results.

2. Shaving salve

woman rubs coconut oil into bare legs with metal razor nearby

Treehugger / Alexandra Cristina Nakamura

While the shower's steamy, I coat my legs with a light layer of coconut oil, and then shave away. I get a nice close shave, the shower smells of coconuts (real coconut oil has a very light scent), and my legs are already moisturized from the oil, so I don't need additional moisturizer.

3. Shoulder massage oil

A woman with long hair massaging coconut oil on her shoulders.

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I do a fair amount of self-shoulder massage since I work at a computer most days. Having a small container of coconut oil reminds me to give myself a break. I rub my shoulders with the oil and take deep breaths for 3-4 minutes, and it works wonders for maintaining my focus.

4. Hair tamer

A Black woman massaging coconut oil into her curly hair.

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I have dry, naturally curly hair, so I am always adding oils of various kinds to keep it under control. Coconut oil is particularly lightweight, so I add it to my ponytail in the morning and to my updo at night. It tames frizz and adds sheen.

5. Cuticle moisturizer

hands rub coconut oil into cuticles to soften and moisturize them

Treehugger / Alexandra Cristina Nakamura

I use coconut oil on my feet and especially my toenail cuticles after I shower and before I do a self-pedicure. It absorbs quickly and makes it easier for me to tidy my toes.

And yes, I also cook with coconut oil! The health benefits to heart, metabolism and immune system are now widely known, and it works perfectly for frying up tofu or stir-frying veggies. What do you use coconut oil for?