Show You Love Your Computer...By Keeping It

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Even among TreeHuggers, computers have a sadly short lifespan.

With the holidays rapidly approaching and so much temptation to go out and buy a shiny new computer, we thought it was worth putting up a fun little reminder that your computer can last a really, really long time as long as you show it the love it deserves.

Read on for some stats and tips to help you nurture a long term, committed relationship with your computer.The LoveThe1YoureWith website notes that the energy required to produce a new computer is enough to run a computer for 10 years, and the energy saved by extending the life of your computer by a year could run it for 2 years.

By doing a few quick fixes, you can keep your computer happy and lighten your environmental load. Defragment your hard drive regularly, reinstall the operating system or switch to Linux, add RAM, treat the battery right, uninstall programs you never use, and most importantly, be patient.

If you have more tips, please leave it in the comments. We want to learn and share as many tips and tricks as possible.