Short Film Shows the Joys of Newly Legalized Beekeeping in NYC (Video)

Bees swarming by wood home outside.

Fran Polito / Getty Images

Since New York legalized beekeeping within city limits last year, the practice has become more and more popular. On a quest to explore the growing beekeeping movement in New York, filmmakers Adrian Bautista, Martha Glenn and Brooke Tascona made a documentary, simply titled "Urban Beekeeping: NYC." It's a short, simple film that perfectly captures what makes beekeeping so fascinating and satisfying.

Watch the video after the jump:

The film, Urban Beekeeping: NYC from Adrian Bautista, tells the stories of two beekeepers. Tim O'Neal has been keeping bees for more than 13 years, teaches classes at the Brooklyn Brainery and founded the web site Borough Kazumi Terada is a novice in the field, and only got into it when a friend started using her roof to keep bees.

Despite the wide gap in their levels of experience, both O'Neal and Terada find beekeeping extremely satisfying, and link it to the local food movement. "It's for anyone who cares about where their food comes from," says O'Neal.

And beekeeping is more than good for the bees and their keepers. It can save Japanese crows from extinction and connect prisoners to nature, although sometimes it calls for a little tough love.

Bautista, Glenn and Tascona made "Urban Beekeeping: NYC" as part of the Design and Technology: Sound and Vision course at Parsons New School for Art and Design during the summer semester 2011.