ShopGreen Lets Online Retailers Incorporate Carbon Offsets Into Purchases

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There are a few apps out there that help us shop green by sending us to the best stores, or telling us all about a product before we buy it. But what about offsetting the impact of the products we're purchasing. GreenWorld has stepped up with their web application called ShopGreen. ShopGreen is a carbon offset program. Yes, carbon offsetting is not a solution to our global warming woes. Reduced consumption is more effective. But, if you need to purchase something, it's good to have a way to offset at least part of that purchase. And this web app helps you easily invest 1% of the purchase price of the item in carbon offsets.

What's even better is that you as an an online shopper don't have to do anything at all. The web app goes on the retailer's end and helps them easily incorporate the program into their store.

ShopGreenTM allows online retailers to:
Customize the carbon offset projects offered to customers by selecting from a diverse domestic and international portfolio;
Integrate the ShopGreen module seamlessly within any shopping cart, making customers immediately aware that ‘going green’ can be easy and inexpensive;
Provide customers with tracking ID numbers that can be used to view records of their carbon offset investments at any time;
Access relatable statistics that show the cumulative ShopGreenTM impact and increase the likelihood of future transactions at the online retailer’s website;
Keep customers on their e-commerce website for the entire transaction, and receive payments as part of the total order so only one payment is required by the customer;
Automatically display customized program information tailored to the merchant’s settings - with one click;
Add a margin to the carbon offsets price to recoup administrative costs;
View and download real time transaction data, allowing instant, easy tracking and reporting.

Pretty cool stuff. Already 14 online retailers have joined up, including,,,, and Now the trick is to make sure that companies that incorporate the app into their online store don't use it as greenwash, but use it as one item in their eco-artillery.

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