Shelter in a Cart Competition

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We were excited when Designboom announced the Shelter in a Cartcompetition, to "Design a cart that can provide shelter and storage for the urban homeless" .While it may not be an answer to the problem of homelessness, it certainly raises questions and challenges our ideas. We also are intrigued by ideas for living with less and nobody does so like the homeless. Smart camping equipment manufacturers should look closely.

We were surprised by the winner , panagiotis dramitinos + karaolis alkis + alexandros papageorgiou from greece, (shown above) , finding it less imaginative than most and doubting the viability of the tent and sleeping arrangement. We cannot find jurors' comments so we cannot pass on why it won. In fact, we liked all of the winners less than some of the honourable mentions.


Radu Comsa of Romania was one of the few that did not make you empty the container to convert it for sleeping; the four rigid and locable containers pop out to create a hard-surfaced and safer sleeping area. We liked the fact that you could separate the things you find from those that you own.


PUMP AND JUMP by jeong-yun heo + Seong-ho, Kim + + Chung, Lee from korea wouldn't last a night on the street but I want one now.


We have a huge aboriginal homeless problem in Toronto; how appropriate for them to live in iglooboxes. We could fill City Hall Square with them. From georgi djongarski from bulgaria.


barbara pitschmann from austria has built the real thing and it works.


"The side-cart bicycle would ease the city-nomads working and broaden their territory." -and it would be great for bicycle touring. from Heino Partanen + Lilli Partanen from finland


asher dunn from usa has designed what could be a big hit- a cross between a boblbee rigid pack and a one-person shelter that would work in a lot of situations. (like after you miss the last train home). Asher, call your patent attorney right now.

Bulgaria. Romania. Korea. Russia. The wonderful thing about Designboom is that it draws the best from around the world in a way few other competitions do. Look at them all, carefully- good design is everywhere now. ::Designboom

We will look at other entries tomorrow.