Shelter Dogs Really Know How to (Pool) Party

These shelter dogs hobnobbed in the pool like they had been friends for years. Pete Thorne/Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary

Many of the guests at the pool party had only recently met.

You wouldn’t know it, seeing them lounging like the coziest of couples on easy chairs. Or sharing an inflatable raft as they bobbed around the pool.

But while they didn’t have a history together, they most certainly had history.

Many of them are survivors — abandoned by their families, saved from high-kill shelters or otherwise left to fend for themselves.

Dogs sitting on plush easy chairs
Sheyla and Sparky take in the party from their giant chairs at the edge of the pool. Pete Thorne/Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary

Since it was founded in 2014, Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary has been coming up with innovative ways to help the dogs feel right at home — even while they’re still looking for a home.

The kennels are crafted to look like a favorite room in the house, replete with the warmth of wood panels, sofas and divans made just for dogs. There are even a few portraits on the walls.

Dog in luxurious kennel at Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary
One of the kennels at Dog Tales, complete with a four-poster bed and plenty of art on the walls. Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary

“We’ve built something special here,” Rob Scheinberg, who co-founded Dog Tales with his wife, Danielle Eden, told the Toronto Star in 2014. “We want the dogs to feel like they’re in a home away from home.”

Since then, the sanctuary has rescued countless animals from the direst circumstances, including high-kill shelters — and even an Israeli shelter so rundown that Dog Tales bought the whole place outright.

Dogs in mud at a shelter in Israel
Dogs at this shelter in Israel were living in deep, rat-infested mud. Dog Tales brought many of the dogs back to Canada. Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary

The power of kindness

Before they’re adopted, many Dog Tales residents get their paws on the ground at the 50-acre King City sanctuary, where they learn that not all humans mean them harm.

In fact, these particular humans want to shower them with kindness — like the kindness of celebrating the sun's warmth on a bright September day with a pool party.

Dogs laying on tanning mats at the edge of a pool
Krystal and Kandice soak up every last ray of sunshine from their tanning mats. Pete Thorne/Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary

“With the end of summer quickly approaching, we wanted to throw a typical Miami pool party for some of our most recently arrived dogs, the organization noted in a Facebook post. “We couldn’t stop smiling as they showed us how to soak up the sunshine with style.”

Two dogs in grass surrounded by toys.
Chichi and Annie took the party a little farther afield. Pete Thorne/Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary

You’ll forgive them if they lapped up every last ray. It’s was the kind of brightness that goes right down to their bones — and most certainly spells brighter days ahead.

Think you might like to be a part of the happy ending to this story? Check out Dog Tales adoption page.

Two dogs under an umbrella at pool party
Billy Boy and Sparky share a little shade under a parasol built for two. Pete Thorne/Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary