Sheepdog Runs Home — a 240-Mile, 12-Day Trek!

It took Pero the sheepdog, who is similar to the photo of the dog above, only 12 days to travel the 240 miles across Wales to his birthplace. (Photo: By Aneta Jungerova/Shutterstock)

On April 8, on a farm in northwest England, Pero the sheepdog decided to make his big break.

The 4-year-old working dog had been living for the last four weeks on the farm as part of a trial run to see if he might make a good fit with the family and their flock of sheep. Something, however, wasn't right. As the farmer later recalled to Pero's previous owner, the dog seemed "unsettled" and "shy." One day, he took him out to herd the flock and Pero decided to just keep running.

For the next 12 days, the unstoppable Pero traveled some 240 miles across Wales to his birthplace in Cumbria. Like the ending to some great Disney movie, he was discovered just as his original owners were turning in for the evening.

"On Wednesday night after supper my husband went out and there he was on the doorstep waiting for him," Shan James told the Telegraph. “He was jumping up at him he was going mad, just jumping around in circles."

Cue the orchestra and grab the tissues! What a good boy!

Despite averaging an impressive 20 miles per day, Pero was in good health, leading the James family to suspect that the dog was likely fed by good samaritans during his journey.

"No one called us to say that they'd dropped the dog off, and even though he has a microchip no one's been in touch either to say that they've found him," Mrs. James told the BBC.

The family is hopeful that by sharing Pero's story, those who may have helped him might come forward to help solve the mystery behind his adventure.

In recognition of Pero's extreme loyalty, the James say they have no further plans to lend him out to other farms. He'll now live out the rest of his years as one of 15 sheepdogs on the property. Added Mrs. James: "He obviously enjoys his home."