When 200 Uninvited Sheep Come Over to Visit

All Scott Russo did was open the gate, hoping to give his daughters a peek of the flock of sheep behind their yard.

He didn't realize that in a blink of an eye, he would have 200 unruly sheep jammed into his fenced California backyard.

A sweet moment for his daughters quickly turns into mass chaos as he tries to get the sheep to leave in the video above.

"Get off my lawn!" a joking Russo yells minutes later.

He spends several minutes running around, yelling at the sheep, hoping they'll do a U-turn and exit through the small opening in the fence.

The hilarious footage ends with Scott shooing the last of the herd out of the yard. "Close the gate!" he exclaims as they trot off.

Daughters or not, we bet dad won't do that again.