Sheep in Christmas Sweater Reunited With Family

A goat wearing a sweater.

Mazur Travel / Shutterstock

A sheep wearing a red-and-green Christmas sweater who was found wandering the streets of Omaha has been reunited with his family. The animal’s owner reclaimed the sheep — whose name is Gage — Tuesday evening.

Gage was discovered in an Omaha neighborhood Sunday night and taken to the Nebraska Humane Society.

Gage’s owner learned the whereabouts of the animal from Facebook where several people had posted about the festively dressed barnyard animal.

Pam Wiese, a spokeswoman for the Humane Society, said the owner provided several images of Gage to prove he was the family's pet.

In addition to wearing a large Christmas sweater designed for dogs, Gage also walks on a leash and lives indoors. When he isn’t in the house, he shares a shed with two chickens.

His owner says she isn’t sure how Gage escaped, but she suspects he followed a family member out of the house without them noticing.

Do sheep make good pets?

Sheep can be affectionate pets, according to PawNation, but they require a lot of time and patience.

Many people take in sheep as orphaned lambs, which require bottle-feeding every few hours and need to be kept indoors for warmth.

House-training lambs can be difficult, and the animal will likely have to wear diapers. As sheep grow, they’ll require more space, and males that haven’t been neutered can present safety concerns as they grow larger and more aggressive.

Before adopting a sheep, consider whether you have the time and resources to care for it and check local laws to ensure you can keep a sheep as a pet.