Sharona Shnayder


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Sharona Shnayder


Portland State University


Sharona Shnayder is a Nigerian-Israeli environmental activist and the co-founder of the global movement Tuesdays for Trash. She is also the chairwoman of the nonprofit OurStreetsPDX and a field advisor for the youth lobby organization Our Climate.


Shnayder has spent the last three years advocating for climate justice in which she’s lobbied for climate policies in the state of Oregon, attended and helped organize global climate strikes alongside becoming a sustainability liaison for small businesses in her area trying to minimize their impact on the planet. Her focus is primarily on the waste management aspect of the climate crisis as well as the growing issue of microplastic and need to create intersectional solutions that are equitable for all who inhabit this Earth. She has published many op-eds, blog pieces, and essays relative to the aforementioned topics.


At the age of 20, Shnayder earned a Bachelors degree with Honors Distinction in Accounting from Portland State University with many of her electives focusing on sustainability. 

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