'Sharknado' Writer Dreams of a Broadway Musical Version

Would singing and dancing sharks make a splash on Broadway?. (Photo: Andreas Meyer/ Stuart Monk)

Could New York City's "Great White Way" one day play host to some singing, dancing, great white sharks? If Thunder Levin could convince the right people, that's exactly what he would love to see in lights. The "Sharknado" writer recently told the New York Daily News that a Broadway version of the SyFy channel franchise has always been a dream of his.

"I think it would be hilarious to do ‘Sharknado: The Musical,’" he said. "I’ve been proposing that since the first one became a hit on the first night. They could get some Broadway musical guys to write the songs and the music, but you’ve got to let me write the script. We could call it 'Sharknado: The Great White Way.'"

For those laughing at Levin's dream, it's worth remembering that Broadway has historically fully entertained some pretty awful musicals. Remember "Carrie: The Musical" based on Stephen King's horror novel? Debuting in May 1988, it lasted only three days. Or how about "Moose Murders," a now-Broadway legend so bad that it opened and closed the very same night in 1983.

And let's not forget, sharks are still big celebrities in the world of entertainment. The Discovery Channel's recent Shark Week once again pulled in huge audiences, with shows like "Ninja Sharks" and "Shark Planet" winning the ratings battles for their respective nights. This all bodes well for "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!" premiering July 22, which once again features sharks raining from the skies to devour everyone from David Hasselhoff to Anthony Weiner.

So bring on the singing, dancing tornadoes of sharks. Go ahead and throw Tara Reid on stage too. As long as they have the backup sharks from Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show, this thing is guaranteed to make a splash.