SF Green Festival 09 - Flushable, Dissolvable Doggie Doo Bags

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Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

Out on the market for only a few days, Dog Flushies from Absurd Doggie Products made a debut at San Francisco's Green Festival. Plastic bags for picking up puppy poo are a fast selling product, but they aren't usually good for the environment, so the idea of bags that dissolve in water is kinda of appealing. And, the company is putting out a product that is essentially a flushable toilet for outside so you're not traipsing through the house to the bathroom with a bag full of something smelly. Still, we aren't convinced that these are a silver bullet for the problem of "biodegradable" bags.

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The bags are dual-ply water-soluble bags can be flushed down a toilet. According to the sales consultant at the booth, they're made of the same materials used in the hotel and garment washing industry for bags of sheets and uniforms that get tossed straight into washing machines. I asked several times in different ways and was assured that the bags are non-toxic and don't release unsavory chemicals into the water systems. Also, because they're being flushed into our sewer systems, the water is treated anyway.

It's a tough idea to get comfortable with, but seems like a better solution than the biodegradable or compostable bags on the market that just get tossed in the trash to head to landfill where the likelihood that they'll degrade in any quick time frame is slim to none.

doggie bag toilet photo

Oh, and the product I can only assume is behind the company's name of Absurd Doggie Products is the flusher - the Doggone Flusher to be exact. It's a $200 piece of equipment you can hook up to your sewer line so you can flush the baggies from outside. It seems like a convenient item, and can even be solar powered...but we aren't quite convinced it's a necessary purchase.

The products have only been out a couple days and aren't purchasable from online, so it might be awhile before these take over the other greener options in your local big box pet store.