Duetta: Shared Two-Person Bike Weighs and Costs Less Than a Tandem (Video)

CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Sentidos Design

From recumbents to half-bikes to open-source cargo bikes, there are so many different forms of bikes available to suit various riders' needs. People who want to ride two together often just ride along dangerously sitting on the rear rack, or use tandem bikes, but these do look bulky and you'll probably be heckled if you attempt to ride it alone. Not so with this interesting shared bike design from Argentina, where the frame looks like a single-person ride, yet also sports a conveniently second seat tucked in the back that accommodates a second rider whenever needed. Check out the video of the Duetta in action:

Created by designer Indalecio Sabbioni of Sentidos and seen over at Designboom, the Duetta is intended to weigh and cost around the same as a standard bike. The idea is to increase the capacity of the common bike to host another rider -- who can pedal along with the person in front -- so that the standard bike becomes flexible transport for up to two persons. Says Sabbioni:

Born on the idea of cooperation, the two-wheeler enables both users to pedal, diminishing the effort of propelling it and creating an enjoyable sensation of riding with a partner. The integration of an adjustable second seat provides a much safer option to do this than just letting the passenger rest on another part. In spite of this, the ‘Duetta’ is capable to be ridden alone, but the concept truly aspires to establish an entertaining, multiple user mode of public transport.

The sharing option is a plus, as most standard bike riders will probably agree, allowing a pedestrian friend to hop on or off as the moment requires. No word on when it will be available commercially, but the Duetta certainly looks a lot sexier than a tandem and looks like it handles better too. More over at Sentidos Design and Designboom.