Self Sufficient 'Ish' -- The Urban Guide to Almost Self Sufficiency

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It would be grand if we could all live on a few acres in the country, grow our own food in an organic garden out back, grow cotton and hemp and raise sheep to make our clothes and keep a goat around to mow the lawn and be very nearly self-sufficient; unfortunately, that's not the way it works for many of us, who live dense urban areas or slightly less dense suburban areas and simply don't have the space and time to plant, grow, harvest and process everything we need. Happily, there's Self Sufficient 'ish', the urban guide to almost self-sufficiency (we've mentioned their vlog before); they offer a growing database of self sufficiency articles with an emphasis on the organic grower. From making your own soya milk and tofu and soap (something TreeHugger has dabbled in before) to tips on organic container gardening and jam making, there are lots of ways to ease your load on the consumer supply chain and consume more efficiently. There's also a forum to trade self-sufficiency ideas, best practices, and even goods and materials. From studio apartment dwellers to homesteaders in the country, there's something here for everyone who wants to live a self sufficient-ish lifestyle. ::Self Sufficient 'ish' via ::Hugg (Chickpea)