#SeeHer: They Said She Wouldn't Last 90 Days. That Was 22 Years Ago

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When Swanetta Best began her career on the assembly line floor at Georgia-Pacific 22 years ago, her mostly male colleagues didn't think she'd make it past her first 90 days.

"That was all the ammunition I needed to prove them wrong," Best, of Dudley, N.C., said.

She set a goal to learn how to run every machine in her department. She endured the heavy lifting and prolonged standing the job required. And now, she supervises some of the same men who once told her she wouldn't last.

"I define strength as what I feel that I can do," Best said. "I know my limitations. I can't allow you to tell me I can't do it because of my gender."

Best is now a production supervisor for GP. During her career, GP gave her the support she needed to return to school while also raising her three sons. Now, she wants to be an inspiration to other women in male-dominated fields.

"Just go for it," she said. "Take it head on, and do it."