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#SeeHer: Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize

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Leslie Hutto, Director of Sales for Georgia-Pacific in Atlanta, Georgia, manages the sales of GP building products to Lowes. In her line of work, women managers are the exception. But when she walks into a meeting and men assume she’s there to bring coffee, she doesn’t let it rattle her.

In this video, Hutto describes what she does instead, and how the key influences in her life — her father, mother and grandmother — all taught her, in their own ways, that she could do anything she set her mind to.

The advice she’d give to her younger self for succeeding in a male-dominated business? “You have to be mentally tough. And as people get in the way or tell you you can’t, you just keep focused on your goals and keep moving forward.”

Watch the video to meet Hutto and hear how she’s passing on that wisdom to her own daughters.