#SeeHer: Forging a Career in STEM From Will and Determination

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Women are making their mark in traditionally male industries, working in every STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) field. Georgia-Pacific is sharing the stories of some of their female employees as part of #SeeHer, an initiative from major advertisers aimed at eliminating bias against women and promoting equality so future generations will have the opportunities they deserve.

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Listen to the interview to hear how Karen Marsh, a woman of color raised by a single mother, blazed a path to becoming a chemical engineer in the U.S. Navy and ultimately an operations excellence specialist at Georgia-Pacific.

Marsh describes how her mother went out of her way to put learning opportunities in front of her and pushed her to excel at every turn; how her time in the Navy taught her to be concerned about not just her own success but the success of those around her; why she thinks good leaders need to serve the people they lead; and why a healthy dose of humility is critical to a leader's success.

Marsh also shares her advice for girls and why they should give science classes a chance, whether or not they see a career in STEM in their future.

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