Seedbombing: There's an App for That

Person shopping in a seed shop

Just the other week, I got a new Twitter follower in the form of Greenaid (now Seeds NOW), the fabulous guerrilla gardening-minded extension of L.A.-based eco-design outfit Common Studio.

You may remember my blog post from last April that detailed Greenaid’s then-brand-new seedbomb — little balls of red clay, compost, and seeds also known as “seed grenades” — dispensary project where old quarter candy machines were retrofitted, stocked with homemade seedbombs, and placed around L.A. to encourage citizen gardeners to spruce up in-need-of-green communities with indigenous plants.

Since the spring gardening season is in full swing, I followed Greenaid back and checked in to see what’s new and exciting. As it turns out, there’s a lot that’s new and exciting at Greenaid, thanks largely in part to last summer's successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

First off, Greenaid has launched a new website including a web-store where you can purchase seedbombs by the pound, wooden slingshots, and 2-,6-, or 10-packs of seedbombs that are packaged in recycled cardboard paper towel tubes. Love it!

GreenAid App

Unlike when Greenaid started out as a strictly L.A. venture, the project-turned-small business now offers numerous wildflower seed mixes — each specifically formulated for regions of the U.S. — which potential seedbombers can choose from. There’s also cat/dog grass and hummingbird-friendly seedbombs available.

Greenaid notes that it is developing new varieties of seedbombs that will contain edible plants, trees, and beneficial species. And on the topic of beneficial, the seedbombs are hand-rolled in Culver City, and through a partnership with nonprofit group Chrysalis, Greenaid offers employment opportunities to formerly homeless or economically disadvantaged men and women living in the L.A. area.

Of course, the basic “instructions” for Greenaid’s seedbombs remain the same: “Seedbombs are a great way to combat the many forgotten grey spaces you encounter every day: from sidewalk cracks to vacant lots and parking medians. They can be thrown anonymously into these abandoned urban sites to reclaim and transform them into places worth looking at and caring for. They can also be tossed into your home garden.”

Pakages of seed bombs laying on dirt
Seed bombs and a slingshot

Although Greenaid’s online store is an awesome development, I’m still most smitten with the seedbomb vending machines that caught my attention last year. Well, Greenaid’s seedbomb dispensaries have caught on like, umm, “wildflower” and are now available in numerous locations outside of L.A., the most recent one being in Boise, Idaho. Greenaid vending machines can even be found in Europe.

With new Greenaid vending machines now spanning the country, it makes sense that there’s now an interactive map-based Greenaid iPhone app by Zombies & Robots that allows seedbombers to view the progression of a seedbomb, locate a Greenaid vending machine, and find the best places to deploy seedbombs.

To become a seedbomber yourself (just be careful where you throw those things, especially if using a slingshot), peruse the Greenaid web-store and the vending page to find a dispensary near you. And if you’re an iPhone-using, seedbomb-tossing guerrilla gardener, be sure to download the new app. You can also follow new developments on the Greenaid blog. Happy guerrilla gardening!

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