See What Polar Bears Are Up to Right Now

©. Gecko1968/Shutterstock

Polar Bears International launched its annual polar bear live cam in Manitoba, Canada (also known as the polar bear capital of the world). It'll run from October 25 to November 25. So for the next month, you can see what polar bears are doing at this very second.

It's a live cam, so every moment isn't necessarily exciting — lots of snow and polar bears sleeping. But you could also catch a polar bear doing polar bear stuff, so give it a go!

In addition to teaching people about polar bears, Polar Bears International hopes this camera will encourage people to think more about climate change. Polar bears are kind of the global warming mascot, thanks to that famous photo of a polar bear floating on a glacier.

"Climate change is affecting the way polar bears survive in their natural Arctic habitat," write Polar Bears International. "Arctic sea ice is used by the species in order to hunt seals, travel, find mates, and teach their young how to thrive. As Arctic sea ice continues to decline because of human-caused warming, polar bears are faced with challenges linked to survival."