See the Soothing Waterfalls of NYC's Subway System

CC BY 2.0. | On the right, the Ulaan Tsutgalan waterfall in Mongolia; on the left, the 14tth Street waterfall of New York City.

Who needs "real" waterfalls when you've got subway waterfalls?

Because living in New York City isn't exciting enough, April showers brought a whole new level of "nature" to the town that never sleeps. Take a tour of the city's latest water features, as seen in the tweets below.

In the same way that we love the city's pigeons and rats, we'll take a little nature wherever we can get it! Even rapids in the subway station! Even in the subway cars! I mean, who else gets to use an umbrella inside the train car?

And they said extreme weather from climate change wouldn't be any fun...