This Secret Ingredient Will Make Your Coffee 50 Percent Tastier

©. PJjaruwan

I can't understand why more people don't do this.

You brew your coffee, stir in some sugar and reach for the half and half, right?


Half and half is, in my opinion, a total scam. It's half cream, half milk. Which is to say, it's watered down (milked down?) cream. So forget that nonsense. Instead, get the creamiest cream you can get: heavy whipping cream.

Heavy whipping cream is the fattiest type of milk and cream. Half and half has around 12 percent milkfat. Heavy whipping cream has 38 percent. That makes it fattier, which naturally tastes better. If it's too rich for you, try light cream — it's somewhere in between half and half and heavy whipping cream.

Most people just use heavy whipping cream in soups or to make whipped cream. But it's fantastic in coffee. It makes coffee so much more decadent. You also don't have to use as much, which I imagine is the point: you have to keep buying more half and half, so companies keep selling more.

I imagine a lot of people who grew up on dairy farms already know this. But city folks are totally clueless about what half and half even is, let alone why it seems to be the only option available.

Oh, and there are also a ton of great plant-based cream alternatives out there (coconut cream is my favorite). This post is more for the folks who are on the dairy train.

Alright. Food rant over.