A Secret Cave in California Reveals an Amazing Ecosystem

Video screen capture. KQED

Caves. You may think of them as dank, dark holes filled with creepy, crawly insects but -- while they are often all of the above -- they are also incredible ecosystems where we can witness evolution taking place. KQED's Quest explores the amazing White Moon Cave in Santa Cruz, California, getting special access to this cave that is off limits to most people.

Watch the video above to get an understanding of the real beauty caves, each their own unique ecosystem formed over thousands or millions of years, have to offer. You'll also learn how incredibly fragile caves are, and how the presence of humans can rapidly destroy them.

KQED notes, "Similar caves in the Santa Cruz area have been victims of vandalism and overuse. But for those interested in responsible caving, I encourage you to look into The Western Cave Conservancy, a collective of citizens who have surrendered themselves to the draw of the caves, but do so with the appropriate level of scientific inquiry, safety and respect. Interested parties should attend a local ‘grotto’ meeting as they are an excellent resource for those who share their fascination with the subterranean."