Seafood Watch iPhone App Adds Social Networking for Finding Best Restaurants

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The ever-helpful Seafood Watch app from Monterey Bay Aquarium has gotten an update. Now, not only can you get input on the most sustainable seafood options from a renowned aquarium, but you can also get crowdsourced tips on the best places to eat said fishy goodness. The app now has Project FishMap, which allows you to tag restaurants where you've found sustainable seafood, and links you up to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to dish on the best restaurants and fish mongers to find your favorite sustainably caught seafood.

Project FishMap sounds like a perfect addition to an already wonderful app. Sure it's great to know what fish you can order once you arrive at a restaurant, but it's even better to know which restaurant to go to in the first place. There are nearly 1 million locations already available for app users to tag, and locations can be added if they're missing from the database.

In addition to the usual options of "best choice" and "good alternative," diners can also now get the conservation status of each species, and a "supergreen" option that shows choices that are both healthy for you and for the oceans, among other new features.

And Android users, breathe a sigh of joy -- the app will be available on the Android platform in 2011.