Sea Turtle Finds Lost Camera, Films Itself Swimming (Video)

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An Incredible Adventure, Caught on Film
When Dutchman Dick de Bruin accidentally dropped his waterproof video camera while scuba diving in Aruba, he must have figured he would never see it again--but he was wrong. Six months later, the camera was found on a beach in Florida, a thousand miles away containing an amazing video. It turns out the camera's strap became tangled around the shell of a passing sea turtle. Somehow, the animal had inadvertently switched the camera on, capturing at least part of its thousand mile journey on film.If the circumstances surrounding the turtle-directed video weren't enough, luck would have it that the camera was found six months later, all the way in Florida.

According to De Telegraaf, US Coast Guard officer Paul Shultz found the waterproof device on a beach in Key West and charged the battery, at which point he discovered de Bruin's vacation photos--and the aquatic adventure filmed by the sea turtle.

In hopes of tracking down the camera's rightful owner, Shultz posted the turtle's video on YouTube, along with a note about how he obtained the camera. He contacted diving group around Aruba to see if anyone had lost a camera. Eventually, word of the video spread until someone close to de Bruin saw and informed him of the story. "You will not believe it," de Bruin told De Telegraaf, "but it really happened..."

Paul Shultz, via YouTube, writes to de Bruin:

Mr. Bruin - I am very excited to get your camera back to you. Hunting you down was a challenge... I'm still amazed it floated all the way to Key West. I will be shipping it Fed-Ex to you tomorrow.