“Scientists” Say There Will Be an Eclipse. Why Should We Believe Them?

©. Nurses looking at eclipse in 1927/ Getty Images

They are just in it for the money, right?

It’s shocking how gullible people are. I mean really, 97 percent of scientists say that global warming is caused by humans and half of Americans don’t believe them, including the President of the United States. Yet for some reason, everyone just falls for this eclipse thing. Fortunately there are some smart journalists who are questioning the so-called “science.” James Hamblin on the Atlantic is one of the leading skeptics. He thinks the whole thing is a hoax , probably being run by Jeff Bezos.

The scientists tell us we can’t look at it without special glasses because “looking directly at the sun is unsafe.” That is, of course, unless we wear glasses that are on a list issued by these very same scientists. Meanwhile, corporations like Amazon are profiting from the sale of these eclipse glasses. Is anyone asking how many of these astronomers also, conveniently, belong to Amazon Prime?

It’s a really good point. They tell us we can’t look at the sun or we will go blind (we have all heard THAT line before) and the only way we can look at it is to buy their glasses which probably have an eclipse painted on like those X-Ray specs they used to sell in the back of comic books. And then there are all the full hotels and airplanes flying people to the so-called “path of totality.”

The entire politico-scientifico-corporate power structure is aligned behind the eclipse. This includes the mainstream media. How many news stories have you read about how the eclipse won’t happen?

Hamblin is not alone; even Martin Weil, who writes for that ultimate mainstream medium, the Washington Post (which is owned by Jeff Bezos, does he know about this?), is on the case, tweeting:

I don’t know why the President and Energy Secretary Rick Perry are not talking about this. If the eclipse does happen, it’s proof that solar power is undependable, that the sun can turn off when a coal fired plant can keep going.

On the other hand, if it does happen, millions of dollars will be lost and the stock market will crash. And whose fault is that? What were they thinking?

If only we could believe scientists and really know what was going to happen, but of course we can't; they are just in it for the money.