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  • waterlessbronzini.jpg

    The Waterless Printing Association

    February 17, 12:04 AM by Warren McLaren in Clean Water

    In line with our growing focus on water we take time for peek at waterless printering. Printing is not only about paper (with old growth forest or recycled content) but it consumes vast volumes of that life giving slippery stuff. According to the

  • dasani.jpg

    Must be Something in the Water

    February 16, 6:29 AM by Lloyd Alter in Clean Water

    March 22 is World Water Day, and given how many Treehugger writers are all wet about the stuff, we thought we would make it a focus in the weeks leading up to it. The New York Times did a big article today on bottled water so it might be a good place to

  • tapwater.jpg

    Bottled Water - Lifting the Lid

    February 10, 9:09 AM by Warren McLaren in Clean Water

    Lloyd's recent post on the waste from bottled water had treehuggers wondering about the relative merits of water delivery:- Lexan, glass, HDPE, PLA, home filtering and suchlike? Thought I'd take a modest stab at trying to answer some of these

  • fireflystove.jpg

    Fire-Fly Stove by Mo-Go-Gear (or go DIY)

    February 7, 4:26 PM by Warren McLaren in Natural Sciences

    The Trangia alcohol camp stove is over 50 years old and largely unchanged in all that time. It is clearly a design classic. But with the re-emerging trend for ultralightweight backpacking, the tinkers have been out in force and have set their sights on

  • samsung_washer_top.jpg

    Samsung's SilverCare Washing Machine

    January 21, 7:15 AM by John Laumer in Clean Water

    Samsung Corporation plans this year to begin selling it's SilverCare Washing Machine, which generates silver ions to disinfect washwater and clothes. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has decided that the machine does not need be registered as

  • backcountry-babes.jpg

    Women in High Places

    January 17, 8:35 AM by Warren McLaren in Natural Sciences

    Down here in Oz it’s hot, muggy and thunderstorm prone right now. But friends up in the Northern Hemisphere send reports of big snow dumps, just perfect for blitzing about on their snowboards. And yes, resort boarding and skiing can be a huge thrill

  • water_powered_clock_1.jpg

    Water-Powered Clock

    January 11, 12:32 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Clean Water

    Okay so a year after our post about the water-powered calculator we still don’t know how these things actually work, but that’s why we’re writing about them instead of inventing them. This water-powered clock displays the date and time by simply filling

  • zilla.jpg

    Attack Of The JigZillaâ„¢

    January 5, 7:30 AM by John Laumer in Natural Sciences

    JigZilla™, by Hildebrandt, (shown here) is a fishing lure which has a weighted 'head' constructed of pure tin. The same company's Glass-Master lure (shown below the fold) has a weighted head molded of pure bismuth. What both of these new products have in

  • waterquality.jpg

    What's in the Water? Ask the National Tap Water Quality Database

    January 3, 9:00 PM by Jacob Gordon in Clean Water

    If you’ve ever been curious to know what’s really in the water coming out of your tap, there is now a fun and user-friendly way to find out what may be poisoning you. The Environmental Working Group has created the National Tap Water Quality Database,

  • Bicycles-4.jpg

    Omniflex and DuPont(TM) "Active Layer" Films: the Waterproofing Alternative for Gear

    December 22, 7:25 AM by John Laumer in Natural Sciences

    Attention all wet-footed TreeHuggers. Your high-performance breathable waterproofing and windproofing choices for parkas, gloves, hiking boots, fishing gear and the like include polyurethane films and "Goretex(TM)", the latter being problematic from a

  • wood_sled.jpg

    Wooden Sled for Winter Fun

    December 18, 3:23 PM by Christine Lepisto in Natural Sciences

    Christmas and the coming of a new year is a season of traditions as old as time. In Germany many a Christmas market features organic and environmentally friendly products, or even simply traditional crafted goods which by their very august history

  • seadoo.jpg

    Fewer Sea-doos, Ski-doos and ATVs sold last year- A trend?

    December 18, 7:11 AM by Lloyd Alter in Natural Sciences

    Up north, We suppose Ski-doos can provide transportation where there are no roads. We suppose someone somewhere uses all-terrain vehicles for useful purposes. We have not figured out yet why Sea-Doo's exist. For the most part all of these burn gas,

  • int_garden.jpg

    International Garden Festival: Modern Garden Art

    December 12, 2:04 PM by Justin Thomas in Natural Sciences

    The designers who will be invited to compete in the International Garden Festival have been announced. The event takes place annually in Reford Gardens in Quebec. The Festival's objective is to present cutting-edge design and to contribute to the

  • backyard-habitat.gif

    Backyard Habitat on Animal Planet

    December 6, 7:20 AM by Kara DiCamillo in Natural Sciences

    One of our readers, Nancy L., was inspired by a comment posted to the feature about one of our "Weird Eco-Habits" finalists, Terry Dube, who has refused to mow his lawn and turned it into a natural space. We too were inspired by our reader, Turil,

  • hydroponics.jpg

    Hydroponics for the Holidays

    November 30, 11:24 AM by Justin Thomas in Clean Water

    Here's a gift for those who'd like to get started with hydroponics. The TurboGarden is a complete hydroponics system in a compact container. It has a 2' by 3' growing area, and a large 25 gallon nutrient reservoir which contains a mineral rich nutrient

  • solarhouse.jpg

    Discovery TV Wants You for Off the Grid Reality Show!

    November 30, 8:10 AM by Collin Dunn in Natural Sciences

    Burgeoning reality TV stars, take note! Discovery US is producing a new documentary series about families who choose to make the move from city living to wilderness life, and they want you! If you've got ambitious plans of self-sufficient living and

  • Aspen-Mountain.jpe

    Ski Areas Citizens' Coalition Environmental Report Card

    November 27, 11:59 PM by Kyeann Sayer in Natural Sciences

    Whether you're hitting the slopes early or late in the season, you'll want to know that your chosen resort lives up to its eco-friendly claims. The Ski Areas Citizens' Coalition is made up of nonprofits in Washington State and California, and is

  • water_dontdrink2.jpg

    New Tankless Water Heater Uses Microwaves

    November 23, 1:45 PM by Justin Thomas in Clean Water

    A company based in Canada, Pulsar Advanced Technologies, is set to release the Vulcanus MK4, a water heater that uses microwave technology to heat water on demand. The press release states that the Vulcanus MK4 can heat water from 35 degrees Fahrenheit


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