Sea wolves

These wondrous sea wolves swim for miles and live off the watery wilds

In a remote stretch of rainforest on Canada's Pacific coast, a unique population of wolves has taken to a life of the sea.

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  • biridng_babylon.jpg

    Birding Babylon: A Soldier's Journal from Iraq

    June 20, 8:00 AM by Meaghan O'Neill in Natural Sciences

    Birding Babylon: A Soldier's Journal from Iraq (Sierra Club Books), is the tale of a Connecticut Army National Guardman's obsession with nature, even in the grim face of a desert ravaged by war and death. The book is an outcropping of Sergeant First

  • 4two_glasses_water.jpg

    Israel and Germany: It's All Water Under the Bridge

    June 16, 12:35 PM by Karin Kloosterman in Clean Water

    Last year, Red Herring business magazine said water will become the new oil. German-based conglomerate Siemens recently has shown its interest in buying liquid assets. Yesterday, the company announced a development agreement with Israel's national

  • potdefeugrill1-1.jpg

    The Pot of Fire: Summer Grill Extraordinaire

    June 15, 1:05 PM by Sean Fisher in Natural Sciences

    Form of... flame! Shape of... a grill! We have pointed out in the past that conventional grilling isn't exactly the healthiest thing to do, but since most of us are going to do it anyway this summer, we might as well do it in style. If you want to

  • block-island-bluffs.jpg

    Block Island: Nature's Treasure

    June 7, 4:05 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Natural Sciences

    It is the working together of man and nature that has led The Nature Conservancy to label Block Island one of the "Last Great Places." It is truly one of nature's treasures. Located 12 miles off the Rhode Island coast (we can give them a wave from here

  • denial-warming-01.jpg

    The Facts About Global Warming Denial

    June 6, 9:00 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Natural Sciences

    We've all heard people claim as fact, without citing sources (or at least not credible ones), that "actually, the Earth is cooling" and such things.

  • belu.jpg

    Drink Water to Help Others

    May 30, 6:57 AM by Bonnie Alter in Clean Water

    Drinking bottled water is a controversial topic (see Treehugger) but here is an English company that has developed a biodegradable bottle for its water AND donates its profits to projects with WaterAid in India and Africa. First the bottle: this is

  • earthfriendlykayaks.jpg

    Earth Friendly Kayaks

    May 28, 3:33 AM by Warren McLaren in Natural Sciences

    Could this be the 'first' business established because of TreeHugger? Seems possible. "Earth Friendly Kayaks was established in response to the many inquires I had from people who wanted to buy Walden Kayaks after the company went through

  • chelsea%20may%202006%20006.jpg

    Chelsea Flower Show Blooms in Drought

    May 26, 7:09 AM by Bonnie Alter in Natural Sciences

    The Chelsea Flower Show is the queen of them all, with 150,000 people, show gardens, city gardens, chic gardens and courtyard gardens and 150 nurseries showing their wares. This year’s theme is saving water because there is a drought in south-east

  • 245838.jpg

    Green Garden Style: Furniture

    May 10, 6:36 AM by Bonnie Alter in Natural Sciences

    There is more to a garden than just plants; part of the fun is finding stylish furniture to relax in when the work is done, or when you just want to read a magazine in peace. Here is a rustic but modern looking twig chair made from south african poplar

  • Eco-CAmp%20Kit.jpg

    Happy Camping With The Eco-Camp Kit

    May 1, 9:53 AM by Leonora Oppenheim in Natural Sciences

    With the emerging sun rays so follows the outdoor vibes of music festivals and with that the surprising urge to leave all mod cons and go rock out in a muddy field somewhere. Although this is the fallow year for Glastonbury, good on Michael Eavis for

  • parkingcar.jpg

    Taking Back the Streets: P (LOT)

    April 26, 7:34 AM by Lloyd Alter in Natural Sciences

    For those who believe that streets are for people as well as cars, here is the ultimate hybrid: a tent that looks like a car. Artist Michael Rakowitz says: "(P) LOT questions the occupation and dedication of public space and encourages reconsiderations

  • flowerbonnie.jpg

    Climate Change Affects English Countryside

    April 25, 5:13 AM by Bonnie Alter in Natural Sciences

    A new survey of the english countryside's flora and fauna by the Botanical Society of the British Isles and Plantlife has revealed that climate change has affected the landscape. Since the last survey in l987 the mean temperature in central England has

  • greenberg1.jpg

    Graham Asks: Can I drink the Water in New York City?

    April 16, 7:52 AM by Lloyd Alter in Clean Water

    For his big move back to the big city, Graham Hill sent in the investigative team to case the joint. One question was- can we drink the water? in New York City, the answer is a resounding yes. Very farsighted people built the New York water supply

  • biker.jpg

    Taking Back the Streets, One City at a Time

    April 15, 7:15 AM by Lloyd Alter in Natural Sciences

    We love ideas that make our cities more vibrant, more fun, more public- You can live in smaller, better spaces when the city is your living room. We read in the New York Times that in many cities, there are organized midnight bike rides- "the streets are

  • 06-mar-cap.jpg

    Cloud Lovers have a Home

    April 12, 6:12 AM by Bonnie Alter in Natural Sciences

    First there were trainspotters and now we have cloudspotters—a growing group who celebrate the wonders of the clouds in the sky. The Cloud Appreciation Society's Manifesto states that "we believe that clouds are unjustly maligned and life would

  • jupiter.jpg

    Strange Waters: The pH Controlling Water Filter

    April 7, 6:59 AM by Lloyd Alter in Clean Water

    For those of you who want water with that special something (see all of our other posts about Strange (wacko) Waters here) but have been convinced by our arguments against bottled water, we offer the Jupiter pH Water System. This US$ 945 device is "the

  • THTV%206%20a.jpg

    TreeHugger TV: Episode 6 - Conserving The Florida Everglades

    April 4, 8:00 AM by Leonora Oppenheim in Clean Water

    Green Back Herons, alligators, dragonflies, butterflies and all manner of natural wonders are the stars of this weeks THTV episode, beautifully shot by m ss ng p eces in the Florida Everglades. John Adornato, the Everglades Restoration Program Manager

  • newmanswater.jpg

    Hope To Others: Bottled Water with a Cause

    March 28, 6:31 AM by Lloyd Alter in Clean Water

    H to O (Hope to Others) says that tapping into just one percent of the 35 billion dollars spent on bottled water, and donating 100% of the profits to feed the hungry, house the needy and restore the environment would be a good thing. "Together we can


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