Savvy Newly Discovered Flower Plants Its Own Seeds

alex popovin bahia brazil photo
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A new flowering plant species accidentally discovered in Bahia, Brazil has the unique ability to bow down and deposit its seeds, The tiny white and pink flower in effect replants itself for the next season.

The discovery shows the fascinating survival capabilities our flora and fauna and illustrates that we've only just scratched the surface in naming the world's diverse species. Live Science reports that a handyman doing work on property in the lush region of Bahia happened to discover the new flowering plant growing on the property of "amateur botanist" Alex Popovkin.

According to Live Science:

When the plant's fruits form, the plant slowly bends its small, fruiting branches down, depositing the seed capsules carefully onto the ground -- and sometimes burying them in the soft cover of moss. Geocarpy, which is also practiced by peanut plants, ensures that the seeds will grow into new plants near the mother plant during the following season.

Researchers uncovered the mystery when they realized that the plants died during the dry season and then reappeared in the same spots during the rainy season.

This is proof positive that we're far from uncovering the mysteries of global diversity and gives added incentive to preserving these hotbeds of biodiversity.