Save Water, Stop Showering (Every Morning)

Limiting Showers Can Save Water, Energy and Our Health
I didn’t shower this morning. And I don’t (think I) smell. You see, while I wrote a post about Navy Showers as a water saving technique a while back, the truth is I am not very good at them. I like showering, and when I am in the shower I find it hard not to linger. Even though I’m fairly water-savvy around the rest of the house (practicing the selective flush and such), and even though our energy use is mitigated by a solar water heater, I still feel a little guilty about all that water going down the drain. And with my hippy friends telling me that showering too often can actually be bad for my health, I thought it was time I found a compromise that allows me my hot showers, but at least cuts back on consumption a little.

Friends of mine who are much less into showering than I am, or much more conscientious about water conservation, tell me that long hot showers strip our bodies of the natural oils we need to protect the skin and the beneficial bacteria that we need for our immune systems. Baths are apparently even worse in that regard. I know people who probably spend a matter of seconds in the shower, and probably not every day at that. But as I said – I like showering.

So I’m experimenting with skipping showers - not for days on end, which just seems a little too austere for me – but rather showering in the morning one day, and then waiting till the evening of the next day before showering again. So far so good – I’m getting my hot shower fix, and my wife still seems to be talking to me. I’m not strict about it – I sometimes shower every morning, and if I’ve been working in the garden or some other dirty or unpleasant job, I may treat myself to an additional splash – but at those times I try to limit my time a little more.

Combining this with the occasional navy shower, and a general principal of water consciousness around the house, and I’m pretty happy about the amount of water I’m consuming. But I’d be interested to know what readers think – is skipping the occasional shower a sensible way towards greener, and perhaps healthier, personal hygiene, or is it the beginning of a slippery slope towards the ranks of the great granola-eating unwashed? I do like granola.