Save Green With Cloth Diapers

Using cloth diapers is a smart financial move. (Photo: designedbypk/Pixabay)

Take one look at a cloth diaper catalog or website and you may feel a bit of sticker shock. No doubt, investing a hundred or so dollars up front in cloth diapers is more expensive than buying a pack of disposables for $20. But just think how quickly those $20's add up. The average baby is likely to need a new pack of disposables every two weeks. Do the math ... and that adds up to $240 in disposables diapers in just six months.

If you're already feeling the financial pinch of the recession, you'll want to stretch your hard-earned dollars as far as they will go. The fact is that using cloth diapers can save you thousands of dollars over the course of your child’s diapering years. If you have more than one child, the cost savings continue to add up over the years.

Here is a rough estimate of the cost comparison between cloth and disposable diapers:

Cloth diapers

Diapers needed: 24
Cost per diaper: $17.95
Total cost: $430.80

Disposable diapers

Diapers needed: 6,000-8,000
Cost per diaper: .32
Total cost: $1,920- $2,560

For even more detailed information about the breakdown of costs of various kinds of cloth diapers such as prefolds or all-in-ones, check out Diaper Decisions.